The mobile app for knowledge transfer that enhances any paper support conveying multimedia and personalized contents.
KARTApp is a mobile app available for iOS and Android OS that uses augmented reality technology to spread multimedia contents pointing the camera of your smartphone to a textbook, an illustration, a technical manual, a trade magazin.. to any paper support!

Update and manage your content

The application is composed by two integrated parts: a MOBILE APPLICATION (for the end user) and a CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that is a web based application (for the administrator or the editor/teacher).

You can use our CMS to link fresh contents to the text! This web app allows you to add, modify, personalize or eliminate a content independently and to monitor the usage data of the app! You can organize books and manuals in collections and you can catalog textbooks by topics!


KARTApp enhances books and technical manuals with the Augmented Reality technology!





1 download the app on your phone using these links:

Soon available

2 download or print the markers you find below

Technical manual



3 choose the marker from the list
4 point your camera at the images you find in these .pdf and try the AR experience!
You can point at the images on screen without printing them!


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